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There are NO new registrations taken at the door. You MUST pre-register.

  --  Mooseburger Clown Camp: July 24 - 29, 2018 in Buffalo, MN  -- 

Visit the official website for class schedule and instructors: http://mooseburger.com/moosecamp/

Since 1996, Pricilla Mooseburger and her staff have been providing the most well-rounded clown arts education in the USA.

Build your confidence by learning the skills that matter to YOU! Moose Camp is especially geared to help you become the best clown YOU can be. We offer course work in the morning that focuses on what you want to learn the most. Our afternoon workshops add more variety and value to round out your clown arts education.

Hands-on education is the hallmark of Moose Camp. Take the skills you have learned and put them to use at the end of the week in one of our field trips or public show. Our alumni tell us these are great learning experiences and amazing memory makers.

Our 30 staff members care about helping you become the best clown YOU can be! Whether you are a beginner, volunteer, or seasoned professional, Mooseburger Camp offers something for everyone.  

Join us at our beautiful facility on Buffalo Lake in Minnesota. It is the perfect environment to learn, play, grow, and recharge your clown batteries.

Not only will your Day Pass give you access to great education, it will also ensure you RESERVED seating for the All Star Clown Show and let you save $100 off your 2019 Mooseburger Camp pre-registration!


  • $75.00 = Wednesday July 25
  • $125.00 = Thursday July 26
  • $75.00 = Friday July 27
  • $275.00 = 3-Day Guest Pass

Terms and Conditions:

Must be at least 17 years old to attend. Balance must be paid in full at time of registration. A pass includes assigned seating at All Star Clown Show, the afternoon workshops, access to Dealers Room and Prop Shop. Guest Pass does not entitle you to food, labs, jams, or access to events not listed above. Future discounts cannot be applied retroactively. No registrations are taken after July 19, 2018.  There are NO REFUNDS.

Wednesday July 25

  12:30 - 1:30  Dealer Room
  1:30 - 2:30  Prop Shop & Kazoo Band Demo
  3:00 - 3:45  Comic Movement
  4:00 - 5:00  Workshops:
How to Survive Slapstick Physical Comedy - Jay Stewart
Vacation Bible School - Sandy Kephart, Brad Stone
Parade Performances Do's & Don'ts - Mike Fixer
Make-Up Designs Tips & Tricks - Gene Flaharty
Meet & Greet Magical Moments - Julia Bothun
Comic Movement with Masks - Karen Hoyer
Face Painting for Beginners - Cheri Venturi
Develop a New Character - Tricia Manuel
Puppet Fun for Everyone - Sean Carlock
New Tricks with Old Magic - Fred Baisch
Film Studies and Inspiration - Neal Skoy
How to Tie a Balloon - Annette Darragh

Thursday July 26

  12:45 - 1:45  Prop Shop;  Dealer Room
  1:45 - 2:45  Workshops:
Light Auguste; Not Lazy Auguste - Gene Flaharty, Tricia Manuel
BINGO Programs in Hospitals/Nursing homes - Brian Fason
Advanced Face Painting Tips/Techniques - Annette Darragh
Comic Movement & Character Development - Julia Bothun
Gag Writing & Material Development - Jay Stewart
Putting Together Your First Show - Sean Carlock
Working with Audience Volunteers - Fred Baisch
Fill Your Pockets and Walk Around - Mike Fixer
Develop Iconic Characters - Karen Hoyer
Walk Around Magic & More - Rex Nolen
Story Telling for Clowns - Cheri Venturi
Comedy Juggling - Christopher Hudert
  3:00 - 4:00  Workshops:
Clowning w/a Puppet Partner - Christopher Hudert
Face Painting w/Prisma Cakes - Gene Flaharty
The Art of Working w/Soap - Greg DeSanto
Ministry Skits - Sandy Kephart, Brad Stone
Caring Clowns: How To  - Annette Darragh
Improv: The Element of Play - Neal Skoy
Magic Ropes & More - Sean Carlock
Routines You Can Use - Rex Nolen
The Best Cheap Bits - Jay Stewart
Mime for Clowns - Karen Hoyer
  4:15 - 5:00  Pie Fight
  5:00 - 6:00  Prop Shop;  Dealer Room
  7:45 - 9:15  Scholarship Auction

Friday July 27

12:45 - 2:00  Prop Shop;  Dealer Room
  2:00 - 3:00  Workshops:
Mad Science Show: Prof. Flutterblaster - Brad Stone
Silly Song Writing w/Familiar Tunes - Julia Bothun
Gag Writing & Material Development - Neal Skoy
Character Development Improv - Sean Carlock
Storytelling w/Puppets - Christopher Hudert
Sponge Fun for Everyone - Fred Baisch
Creating your Comic Ideas - Mike Fixer
Music and Movement - Cheri Venturi
Open Makeup Lab - Gene Flaharty
Skits to Learn & Do - Tricia Manuel
My Favorite Balloons - Rex Nolen
  3:15 - 4:15  Walk-Around Critique
  4:30 - 5:00  Show Rehearsal
  5:00 - 6:00  Prop Shop; Dealer Room

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Clown Summit at Mooseburger Camp T-Shirt

Clown Summit at Mooseburger Camp T-Shirt


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