Wig Care & Wear

Wig Care (Synthetic)

How often should I wash my wig?

Depending on the conditions you wear your wig (heat, humidity, level of sweating, worn with or without a skull cap) will determine how often you should wash your wig.

A good rule of thumb is to wash your wig after a dozen or so wears or at least once a year, whichever comes first.  Of course, if your wig gets dirty before then, by all means wash it!  A quality synthetic wig, worn with a skullcap, should last approximately 3 to 5 years.   


Should I wear a skullcap?

Absolutely!  A skullcap not only keeps your hair in place, it absorbs sweat & makeup to keep you cool.  It also keeps sweat and makeup away from your wig.  Your wig will stay cleaner and last longer if you wear a skullcap. 


How should I wash my wig?

  1. Fill a sink or basin with luke-warm water & add a small amount of Woolite detergent, your own shampoo or synthetic wig shampoo. (i.e. Brandywine)
  2. Gently rub areas where makeup or dirt are on the wig or inside cap.  If makeup does not come out, try using Mehron makeup remover AFTER the wig has dried. 
  3. Soak wig for 10 to 15 minutes, then squeeze soapy water through wig several times and remove wig & drain soapy water.
  4. Re-fill the sink with clean, luke-warm water.
  5. Gently swish wig back and forth in clean water to rinse.  DO NOT RUN YOUR WIG UNDER A RUNNING FAUCET!  This will tangle the hair fibers!
  6. Repeat steps #4 & 5 as many times as necessary to remove all of the soap. (You can use conditioner, on a straight wig, at this point.  Don’t forget to rinse!
  7. Squeeze the excess water out of the clean wig - DO NOT WRING!
  8. Lay wig on a dry towel and roll it up, squeezing the towel to soak up excess water.  Repeat until wig is just about dry.
  9. Gently shake wig and place on a wig head to dry.  You can put a small amount of styling gel on curly wigs or spray conditioner on tangled wigs. 
  • DO NOT COMB A WET WIG - this will pull the hair fibers out of the cap
  • DO NOT USE A HAIR DRYER - this will MELT a synthetic wig
  • DO NOT BRUSH or COMB through a CURLY WIG - this makes them frizzy

After wig is completely dry, you may use a pick or wide-toothed comb to gently detangle the fibers.   Start at the top and work your way down. 


What can I use to style my wig?

Feel free to use mousse, hair spray, gel, or any other hair product on your wig. A good rule of thumb is to use anything you would normally use on your own hair, unless it involves heating elements (curling iron, hairdryer, crimper, straightener, hot rollers, etc.). Most hair accessories (clips, barrettes, schrunchies, etc.) can be used on wigs, but be careful when using small pony-tail holders - these may leave damaged or broken hair when they are removed. Sponge-rollers have proven helpful in keeping a subtle curl in a wig.

Take some time to make that wig unique in order to fit your unique character. Add some fun barrettes or hair accessories.  Give your wig a haircut,  put it into braids or spike it up!  Play with your wig as if it were your own hair.


How should a wig look?

Show Your Face! - While wearing your wig, move your head around in your usual clowny way (lean over as you would to talk to kids, look sideways, toss your head, etc.) to make sure you can do so without your wig getting in your face.  If your wig is in your face too much, you will need to either trim it or secure it so it doesn't obscure your face. 

Bangs - If you have a straight wig with bangs, put it on and see where your clown eye makeup sits on your face. If your makeup is hidden by your bangs, you will need to trim them to show off your makeup.

Long Wigs - If your wig hangs past your shoulders, you will need to trim the back so you don’t wind up with a matted and snarled clump at the back of your neck. (We speak from experience!)

Solution: With your wig on, have someone trim the underside of the wig at a slight angle away from your back,  tapering down to the bottom edge of the wig. This will leave less hair to come in contact with your neck and back, thus creating less friction and matted hair.  DO NOT try and do the trimming yourself, or you might end up with a pile of hair and an unwearable wig!  

Most salons or barber shops will cut your wig for you as long as you bring your own scissors.  (Synthetic wigs can dull their shears.)  You can buy inexpensive hair scissors/shears at your local drug store for about $8.

You’ll probably even make their day!  How often does a clown walk into a hair salon!

Wig Storage

  • Store your wig on a wig head (best way to keep the snarls away!)
  • Straight wigs can be rolled in a towel or tissue paper when traveling
  • Curly wigs can retain their bounce if hung upside down


Wig Questions?

If you have a specific wig question, or would like instructions on how to style your wig into specific shapes (spikes, curls, etc.), please send an email to katie@mooseburger.com and she will be happy to help!