How Should I Care for My Costume?

  • Always hang up your costume (keeps away the wrinkles)
  • Keep your costume out of the sun and in a cool, clean, dry place
  • Machine wash, gentle cycle, when needed (Don't worry, your costume is made of pre-shrunk, fade-resistant fabric)
    • See Washing Instructions
  • No bleach

Can I Wash My Costume and if so, How?

Yes, your costume is machine washable!  Yay!  Dry cleaning is NOT recommended as dry cleaning solvents can fade your costume's fabric.

  •   Spot treat any stains with spot detergent (careful to avoid BLEACH products) 
    • Liquid dish soap works great for grease or oil stains 
  •   Secure all Velcro, snaps and zippers
  •   Turn costume inside out
  •   Use liquid detergent (powder can get into creases and not dissolve)  
  •   Machine wash in COLD water, GENTLE cycle
  •   Hang dry or use lowest setting on dryer (DO NOT OVER DRY!)
  •   Iron if needed and be careful not to iron over buttons, shiny fabric or decorations - they will MELT!

(When in doubt, give us a call and we’ll be glad to answer your questions rather than have you accidentally ruin your costume!) 

What’s the Best Way to Wear my Costume?

  • Pants should be worn with suspenders - if you can wear your pants without suspenders, they’re too tight!
  • Jackets and vests should be loose enough to put your goodies in the inside pockets without being tight
  • Elastic can be adjusted for a custom fit.  Pull the elastic via the opening in the casing and either safety pin or sew elastic into place 

Why is the elastic "showing" on my costume?

Example of items with adjustable elastic:

    • Pant, Bloomer & Boxer waistbands
    • Circle Skirt and most Dresses
    • Ladies Blouses (wrist or cuff)
    • Skull Cap
  • Buttons can be adjusted on Bib Pants by re-sewing the button on the bib strap at the appropriate height for a perfect fit
  • Cuffs can be adjusted on Pleated Pants and Bib Pants by removing the tack (the stitch that holds up the cuff), roll them up higher or lower and re-tack in place