Frequently Asked Questions:

"I came to this site looking for  rental  costumes. Why is this a clown website?"

It's a little-known fact that we operate three businesses out of the same building: Pricilla Mooseburger Originals (clown supplies), Mooseburger Clown Arts Education (clown camp), and The Costume Shoppe (rentals).

While searching for Halloween or theatrical costumes, you probably followed a link to this website.   

If you are looking for rental costumes/accessories or special-effects make-up, please go to or visit our store in person: 116 Division St. W. in downtown Maple Lake, Minnesota.  The Costume Shoppe is a full-service store with thousands of adult-sized costumes, wigs, footware, make-up, hosiery, hats, and more. From zombies to zoot suits, from hippies to hobos, from pirates to princesses, we have it all!

We are open all year 'round! From November to September The Costume Shoppe is opan 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, and 10am to 1pm Saturday. During October, we have extended hours in the evenings.

Call us for more information: 320-963-6277 or visit and please "like" us on Facebook:  The Costume Shoppe